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Welcome to Snughome Cookers Ltd !

The ONLY way to make that much loved Oil fired cooker FIRE AUTOMATICALLY and save OIL, be it an Aga range cooker or Rayburn range cooker! NO MORE WICKS.

So what’s this Snugburner all about?

In 2006 Graham Lake had a heart attack and when I went to visit him and eat his grapes he told me he was going to retire as it wasn’t fair to take a wage from his firm if he couldn’t work. ”Don’t do that, said I, as we need to develop a better burner for the Aga range cooker “

He had spent all his life in Research & Development and we both knew that the old wick burner – running 24/7 – was from the era of unlimited cheap oil and its day was over but the British loved their ranges and shouldn’t they be brought up to date?

So we started designing and when his health permitted we made prototypes and tested cookers. After mine worked well in Newbury we found similar minded engineers across the country and started improving and tweaking the design – both in the Aga range cooker and later in the Rayburn OF7 and OF22 range cookers – again thirsty beasts but loved!

Our latest burner is the Bolt On - so called as it literally bolts on to the front of an originally solid fuel Aga range cooker (the models made from 1941 onwards). Except we have made them MUCH BETTER than the wick burner conversions that lost a lot of bottom oven heat.

So the family is now complete – baby Rayburn range cooker to 4 oven Aga range cooker, we can sort them all out! We have authorised engineers covering the area from Fort William to Kent and burners have gone to France, Ireland, as well as Tasmania! You can see what some of our customers had to say here.

We have relocated to Wrexham on the border with Shropshire to start our own manufacturing and continue developing our Snugburner – making it quieter, smaller and more efficient.

Do read on and if you have any questions contact us for a no nonsense reply.

PS. For anyone who may be interested our old web site can be found here.

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